Types of Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters represent an essential tool for automotive repairs. It uses electricity and gas to operate. When looking to buy the right plasma cutter for your automotive business, you need to look at a few things before making the final decision to buy. This article explores different aspects of the plasma cutter.

The Types and Features

You will find three types of plasma cutters on Cuts Like Butter that are ideal for automotive repair and other related tasks.

1.    Compact Plasma Cutters

This delivers high power in a portable package. These machines use a standard 120V AC outlet making them the best option for onsite repairs and repairs on the go. You can use them to cut anything starting from aluminum to stainless steel with ease. You canals use it to remove spot welds instantly.

High-quality models will come with several fans to keep the machine cool and extend its life.

2.    Low Amp Plasma Cutters

These run on 120 or 230 V outlets. This plasma cutter is ideal for cutting through aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel or removing stubborn spot welds. They incorporate pressure regulators and fans to keep them cool during the task. They have larger wheels to help you move them around easily. Because they use larger fans, these machines will not overheat even for bigger tasks. For better use, find models that come with longer nozzles, compact handles, and long tips. Longer nozzles will help you work in tight areas.

3.    High Amp Plasma Cutters

This kind runs at 85 amps or more and weighs almost 100 pounds. This is mostly stationary and is suitable for use in the automotive shop. You can choose between engine driven models or those that use an undercarriage for better movement from place to place. These boast of a better cutting arc, superior speeds and high performance.

This category features quick disconnects that make it easy for you to change torches. It also comes with various LED panels to make the system easy to read and control. A robotic interface makes it easy for you to enjoy better precision.


Once you understand the different kinds of plasma cutters available for you to choose from, you need to weigh the benefits of each as compared to the job at hand. Remember you have to choose what is best for you to achieve results that you expect and more.