The difference between laser and rotary engravers

Laser engraving is a growing sector in the manufacturing industry for small business owners and manufacturers. It is growing in popularity for smaller businesses. Due to technology improvements, there have been emerging and changing trends in laser equipment. Previously rotary machines were used, which are now being replaced by the newest laser engraving technology.

What makes these machines different?

A lot of comparisons is made asking what the difference between rotary and laser machines are. Each of these methods has unique qualities when it comes to the overall look they can achieve as well as the application they are best suited on. Both of these can be used to engrave a wide range of materials and produce stunning results. They are different in the mechanics of how they operate. Both laser and rotary engraving methods have advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs, the specifics of the job and desired finish. 

Laser machine benefits

Laser machines simplified the engraving process further making them the most popular method in the industry today as they are easier to operate making them much more user-friendly. Laser machines is a perfect selection to engrave intricate graphics on a variety of materials. It is also a lot more versatile process than rotary machines. 

Rotary machine benefits

Rotary systems are an ideal selection for engraving metal. These machines can engrave almost any type of bare metal both coated and uncoated. Another reason this method is preferred for engraving metal is that of the finished look it can achieve. It offers a more traditional classic bright and shiny look. Whereas laser machines produce a printed black appearance. It can be said that rotary engraving is the preferred method to use when engraving objects that involve mostly text. 

Picking your laser machine

There are many types of machines available on the market today.  When picking your machine there are many important factors to consider. Therefore it is critical to investigate each of them and relate them to your engraving needs.

One important factor is when choosing a machine is its costs. There is a common conception that the higher the price the better the quality that the machine will be. However, different prices can buy a quality product. Therefore choosing a machine that is cost effective is based on your budget.

The function of the laser machine is important when selecting what machine to use. This will be related to whether the machine is ideal for meeting your needs for engraving materials.

The power of the machine needs consideration. This is measured in watts. The more watts the machine has means the more powerful it will be.

Machines can come in a variety of sizes. From handheld to huge machines that are placed in factories. It is important to understand the machine size space and the space you have available in order to operate the machine.