Take Your Photography to the Next Level Using Instagram

If you are not utilizing Instagram for your photography business, then you are missing out on a lot. You can connect with other professionals as well as clients on the platform. Instagram is the perfect platform for creating a buzz and spreading the word regarding the business.

But not everything will work for you. Let us look at the top tips for using Instagram for photography.

Select Your Content Carefully

You need to provide content that is of value to your audience. If you are using Instagram for the first time, you need to find out some photographers that are on top of their game and see how they operate. Make sure the content is also targeted to a specific niche. For instance, don’t post auto images when the audience prefers wildlife photos.

To make this work, you need to understand what the audience wants and give them. Additionally, don’t stick to a single perspective. You can choose to show behind the scenes photos, the items that you are working on at the moment, other creative hobbies and more.

Know When to Post

Proper timing of posts helps you achieve enhanced engagement levels as compared to posting when you like. For the best timing, make sure you understand the time zone and what times the audience is off work.

Read more on the best times for posting, though this also depends on the audience you have. For instance, if a majority of your audience is college students, then you can choose a time till late in the night, which isn’t the same with an audience made up of the working class.

You can use automation to perform this task. One of the tools to use is Boostfy, which offers you all the features of a typical bot. Check out The Small Business Blog to find out more about this tool.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Take time to understand what kind of hashtags you have at your disposal, and know how to use the tags the right way. The tags you make use of needs to be relevant to the kind of photographs that you handle.

You can opt for general hashtags to extend your reach, or go for geolocalized tags to help you build a targeted audience. The number of hashtags matter, with the recommended number falling between 6 and 12 hashtags for your post.

In Closing

When it comes to photography, the dawn of the smartphone has changed so many things. You need to take time and understand what Instagram can offer you, and then go ahead and take advantage of the various features. Take time to come up with the right content and use relevant hashtags in your marketing efforts.