Signs You Need a New Garage Opener

A garage door opener is a simple gadget that makes your life easy. As with the case with any device or machine, frequent use of this device makes it eventually malfunction or quit working. This is the time you need to look for a better model that comes with additional features. However, it is vital that you distinguish between the need for a new opener and the need for repair or reprogramming.

It Lacks the Safety Mechanism

Since 1993, it is a mandate that all garage door openers come with a safety feature that uses a set of sensors to detect the presence of objects in its path, consequently reversing direction. If your garage door doesn’t have this feature or the present one is faulty, you need to replace the opener with one that has auto reverse. You can try out know what you are missing.

It Produces Loud Noises

The garage door opener ought to work silently. However, as many of them age, they alert the whole neighborhood when you enter and when you leave due to the noise they produce. When this happens, it is time to retire your old opener and find a quieter, more efficient one. New models that make use of belt drives and jackshaft are some of the quietest models on the market.

It Is More Than 10 Years Old

When you compare the garage openers that were in use ten years ago and the current ones, there is a huge difference. The major differences come regarding the technological features that current models have as compared to the older models. For instance, one of the best features of new models is the use of the rolling code. This code offers you the luxury of advanced security for your garage by generating a new code every time you use the opener to prevent unauthorized access.

Additionally, new models have keypad access. This makes the opener handy for your kids and repairmen who have to access the garage when you are away from home.

Take Charge of Your Garage Today!

With the right garage opener, you are sure that you will get into the garage effortlessly without the need to leave your vehicle. As these gadgets age, they experience various issues that signal to you that it is time to replace the opener. Watch out for these signs and make sure you replace the gadget so that you maintain the integrity of the garage door.