Plant Lighting

Plants manufacture their foods through a process called photosynthesis. This is where chlorophyll converts carbon dioxide into plant food using light. For the plant to grow, it needs the right intensity of light, the perfect quality delivered for a specific duration. Anything less and the plants won’t grow as expected.

The Light Spectrum

Sunlight provides all the wavelength of light. Plants get to absorb light that is in the red and blue wavelengths, while the rest are not vital for the growth of the plant. Part of the wavelength encourages proper leaf growth while another part encourages the flowers to bloom. Plants grow best when exposed to red and blue light in a 1:5 ratio. This illumination can be achieved using a LED plant bulb.

Why Are Other Lights Not as Effective?

Many people have tried using incandescent light bulbs with disastrous results. These lights give red and orange wavelengths, whereas the plant requires a blue and red mix. Moreover, these bulbs produce excess heat that dehydrate the plant and lead to damage.

The other kind you might opt for is the fluorescent grow light bulb. This is a relatively a good choice, but it is unable to produce red wavelengths due to the halide bulb. You can use them early in the growth cycle of the plant but go for the right plant lights later on. It is also ideal for growing leafy plants as compared to those that bloom as well.

Using the right LED plant light means your plants get exposed to the right amount of light, in both blue and red wavelengths in correct amounts that are ideal for the plants to grow. These bulbs don’t produce so much heat therefore help retain the water in the plant. These are the perfect lights for growing plants indoors.


Another advantage of LED plant light is that unlike the other types, it is directional, giving off light in one direction only with mixed success. The plant receives maximum heat to grow in the right direction. You don’t waste energy therefore you use lesser amount of electricity, reducing your bills by up to 70 percent.


Growing plants within the home comes with different benefits to you and your family. You get to enjoy fresh air, add some green to the home and fill up some space. However, you need to get the right light to grow the plants.