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Learn To Manage Common Mistakes During Rowing Exercises

Even though rowing machines are rather simple devices based on row motions, there are some common mistakes that people make frequently when using these devices. Regardless if you row in the wrong way, don’t sit properly or don’t use the handles as you should, all these mistakes can be easily fixed. You can visit for more detailed information on how to use rowing machines properly.

Sitting the right way

Sitting is essential during row exercises, because it all starts with your body position. Your back should be straight and not curved, and your hips should also be in a straight position, not rolled forward or backwards. Rowing is a simple exercise, but can become even simpler if you focus on one part of your body at a time; for example, you can begin by practicing this exercise with your torso and then, after mastering this move, you can focus on your lower body as well.

Rowing properly 

Rowing motions should be extensive, but most people use their legs too soon, thus ending the motion faster. Try to pay attention to each move you make, so that both big and small muscle groups benefit from an intense workout. Take your time and repeat the motion at a lower speed until you get it right. Avoiding strapping your feet into the machine’s pedals can also help.

Having a good grip

The handles are an essential part of any rowing machine, and their purpose is to help you maintain a proper body position while exercising. It is a common mistake to hold the handles using just the upper part of your fingers, but in fact fingers should be wrapped around the handle and your thumbs should be placed on the handle’s underside. So, try to strengthen your fingers by placing your thumbs on top of the handle until you get to improve your grip.