Alternatives to Instagram Automation

The use of Automation tools on Instagram is still on a high despite the efforts of Instagram to limit automation on its platform. To be fair, there are many understandable reasons why most marketers and small businessmen have turned a blind eye to the dangers of automation. The most obvious reasons being they are time and energy saving. You can learn more about these automation tools at Managed Social.

If you want to create and build an engaged audience, the best strategy for long-term success is to put in the work yourself by being creative, engaging with your audience, and publishing fascinating content. That way, you will be sure that the engagement on your account is genuine and you are marketing your brand in the right manner and to the right people.  Nevertheless, this article looks at alternative ways you could use to grow your account rather than using automation tools.

Hire an Assistant

You can get the same or even better results by hiring someone to manage your account. Virtual assistants or an employee will definitely cost you more than using bots. However, you will expect better performance and better quality work than what you’d get from bots. Unlike robots, people have consciousness and think about what is more authentic or relevant to post when commenting. With a person in charge of your account, you will not encounter the embarrassing or irrelevant comments that bots tend to leave.

Instagram Ads

Ads provide a great option to people who want to attain faster results without relying on automation tools. You won’t need to comment, like, or follow hundreds or thousands of accounts to promote your brand. You can reach your target audience by using Instagram Ads to promote your posts.

Be Patient

Most people who resort to using bots are lured by the instant results you can attain. Getting hundreds of followers at a go may be enticing, but these are followers that you may never engage with. In fact, some of those accounts could be fake or bot-generated. Taking the time to create and implement a sound Instagram marketing strategy is rewarding in the long-run. That is because you will have invested a lot of time to build trust and get a more engaging and loyal following. You’d rather have fewer followers, but who follow you because they are compelled by your content rather than a whole multitude of followers who followed you back just to return the favor.

In summary, bots can save you time and bring faster results. However, those results may not bring any meaningful effect to your brand. Rather than risk your account being suspended by knowingly violating the terms of use on Instagram, be creative and publish exciting content and in the end, the results will trickle in.