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How to carry coins when you have a minimalist wallet

In this age when the smartphone has virtually become the keeper of all our essentials, the wallet has taken a backseat, if not become completely outdated. Minimalist wallets have come up to replace the big, heavy wallets that people used to carry earlier. You might also like minimalist wallets because of the convenience of carrying them and the fashionable look they have.

But for those of you who carry a minimalist wallet, a pertinent question is: Where to keep the coins? And it is a valid one, no doubt.

The wallets that were in vogue earlier had a separate chamber of the jingling coins. All changes used to head to that department and since the wallets’ size were big, it wasn’t much of a headache – even though the sight of the wallet making your pocket bulge wasn’t great. Now, with the wallet itself turning small and people still needing to carry the coins, where exactly do you accommodate them? Neither you can store them in your smartphone. To gather more information on minimalist wallets, you can have a look at wallets for minimalist people |

Here are some tips on how to deal with the problem:

Avoid carrying coins: Yes, this is the easiest way out but certainly not a realistic option for many. But it is neither impossible to achieve either. If you have a habit of carrying coins thinking that you will need changes on the road, then changing the mindset will take some time to change but it will change. In this era of cashless transaction, coins can be avoided if needed. A few notes of low denomination can do the job of the coins if indeed it is required.

Look for minimalist wallets that still provide maximum benefits: It’s not that no minimalist wallet can be used for storing coins. There are manufacturers who make trendy wallets that feature a hidden pocket to keep coins. But it is up to you to ensure that you overload those wallets with coins, ruining their life span as well as the fashionable look.

Having a secret pocket in your trouser: Coins definitely have their utility and those of you who can’t really think without them, can make use of the hidden pocket in your trouser as the coin wallet. The coins will not jingle in that hidden place either and you can still flaunt your stylish minimalist wallet.

Put coins in your car: There are parking lots where you need coins to pay the bill. Why not keep the coins to pay the bill inside your car itself? Keep a small coin store in your car itself and use it as and when they are required. But of course, this will only be a handy solution for those who regularly take out their vehicles. But ensure that you are not displaying a big quantity of coins being spread around in your car. That could entice a lot of evil minds.

Make Your Hair Look Wavier With Hair Straightening Treatment

Hairs play an important role in adding to the beauty of the females and it is due to this reason that they do each possible thing to take care of their hairs. Even they opt for many hair treatments as they want that their hairs should look best and out of the world. Nowadays many girls prefer hair straightening treatments as they can make their hairs more wavy and fluffy. Hair straightening treatments are of two types, that is, temporary hair straightening and permanent hair straightening.

The permanent hair straightening is expensive but it gives best the look and makes you look more beautiful. Techniques that are used in both type of straightening are much different from each other and the machines and products that are used are also different. If you wish to straighten your hair at home on temporary basis, you can purchase a straightener by reading the reviews at brushed straight.

Temporary hair straightening

This hair straightening is meant for short time period say for a week or a month. In this method hair brushes and straightening machines are used. The machines can easily straighten the hairs without any problem. Different types of brushes are used for this method. Under this method of straightening the straightening machines are kept on the layers of hairs and they are pressed and brought down slowly pressing all the hairs and making them straight.

Permanent Hair straightening

This hair straightening is meant for long time say 2-3 years and after this time period you have to get the treatment again.  After permanent straightening you have to follow some tips and measures in order to make your hair look fine. Even special shampoos and conditioners are also provided for washing the hairs. The two types of permanent straightening are as follows.

  • Smoothing of hairs – Under this method hairs are made smoother and silkier. This is basically a hair treatment which is done with the help of chemicals. This type of permanent straightening is best for such women who have spilt ends and dry hairs. This treatment makes the hair manageable and no changes are made in the hair type.
  • Rebonding of hairs – This technique is very famous. Under this method, chemicals are used to make the hairs straight and shiny. But there are many side effects of rebonding, this process is very expensive and proper care has to be taken after rebonding.