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Call Professionals To Drain Out Wrong Fuel From Your Car

There is a variety of models of each vehicle in the world. New models of cars are being launched every day. The number of car owners is increasing day by day. The increase in the population has increased the crowd on the petroleum pumps. The petrol and diesel vehicles are different from one another. But due to huge rush on the pumps the possibility of putting wrong fuel in the vehicle increases. It has become a common problem nowadays. Many cases have been reported where the user has wrong fuel in his vehicle. Because of increase in this problem, many companies have been established which provide the services of fuel draining and other repair work related to it. If anytime you come to know that you have wrong fuel in your car then you should call the professionals and say that there is wrong fuel in my car and ask them for help. Tell them your location and they will reach to you for help.

There may be damage to the components of the car because of filling the wrong fuel. The damage may not be known immediately but it is better to have a check on the components. The components which can be damaged are fuel pump, injectors, catalytic converters, carburetor, valve guides and valve seats.

What to do?

If you have put the wrong fuel in your car then do not panic. Remember few things.

Do not start the engine:

First thing you should remember is not to start the car. Starting of the engine will circulate the contaminated fuel in the various parts of the car and the risk of explosion will increase. If you have started and travelled some distance then immediately stop the car as soon as you come to know about it. If you have not started the engine and you know about the mistake then it could save a lot of money and time and prevent damage. If diesel is put in the petrol car then engine will start giving out smoke and car will not run smoothly. If petrol is put in the diesel car then starting of the engine will remove the lubrication and metal parts will make loud unpleasant noise.

Calculate the amount of wrong fuel entered:

It is best to drain out the fuel as soon as you see the wrong fuel pump. It will save time, money and there will not be any need to call the professionals. If you realize that the fuel is wrong before much fuel is entered in the car then you can make it correct. For example, if the wrong fuel entered is less than 10% then you can fill up the whole tank with the correct fuel and drive. But, if you don’t know about the quantity then it is better to drain out the whole tank to prevent any risk.

Call for help:

It is better to call the professionals for help than to try on your own. They will try to solve the problem as soon as possible and you can be back on the road again. They can fix the problem at your spot or take the car to their garage if the problem is complex.